Musical fruit of the Americana tree... down to the roots.

Brother James' RiverTowne Ramblers is a group focused on mid-to-late-century Americana music: blues, roots-rock, bluegrass, country, folk, and other forms of vintage and roots music.

Sunday, September 16, 2:00pm - OTR Biergarten at Findlay Market
Saturday, April 13, 2013, 8:00pm - Taffy's of Eaton

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Brother James also plays with The Goodle Boys and the Brian Keith Wallen:
The Goodle Boys - 1st & 3rd Thursdays, June-Sept - Avenue Brew
Brian Keith Wallen Band - Sept 15 - Third Saturday Blues, at The Drinkery
The Goodle Boys - Sept 22 - Wyatt's Bar & Grill


ram·bling [ræmblɪŋ] adj. - Often or habitually roaming; wandering, exploring.

The RiverTowne Ramblers is a diverse group of musicians and personalities organized by promoter, manager, and musician, Brother James. True to their name, the band's goal is to explore and combine a wide variety of songs, genres, influences, and instruments, improvising and taking the music in new directions.

The Ramblers feature a revolving cadre of some of the Midwest's best musicians, a veritable "super-group" including playwright and songwriter Joe Gorman (formerly of Big Joe Duskin Band) on guitar, vocals, and keys; Chuck Brisbin (of the Tuna Project) on harp and vocals; and from the Cincinnati Entertainment Award-winning blues band Voodoo Puppet, Greg Roberts on drums, and Brother James on bass.

The group also highlights a rotating guest spot for each performance to add a different flavor to each show. They draw from many different players with a variety of talents, including: vocals, guitar, banjo, trumpet, mandolin, harp, trombone, lap steel, keys, ukelele, saxophone, percussion, and more.

The long list of upcoming featured guests include former Voodoo Puppet guitarist Harry Harvey on guitar; blues/bluegrass singer/songwriter Brian Keith Wallen; Andyman Hopkins (of too many bands to list) on guitar and vocals; Justin Todhunter (of Jake Speed and the Freddies) on guitar, mandolin, lap-steel, and vocals; two-time International Blues Challenge qualifier Leo Clarke on slide guitar and vocals; Aaron Porter (of SoulQuest) on drums, percussion, and vocals; Fred Daniell (of The Good'le Boys) on mandolin, guitar, and vocals.

Although the line-up may change and no two performances will be alike, the one constant is The Ramblers' emphasis on quality and an honest, personal approach to the music, as well as their connection with the audience.

"We do the music that we were raised on. The ROOTS of American music," explains Brother James. "And we try to find the commonalities in these genres, artists, and songs, to explore them: the country side of the blues, the rockin side of bluegrass, the folky side of rock... PURE AMERICANA."


If you're interested in booking the RiverTown Ramblers, please contact Brother James. A press kit (with some live music examples) is available upon request.

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We don't have any of our own music online yet, but you can get a feel for the kind of music we'll be doing by checking out our current 8tracks playlist:


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We're working on our full website, which should launch shortly - thanks for your patience. (We're more concerned with rehearsing and booking at the moment.)
NOTE: If you're looking for Jerry King and his Rivertown Ramblers, they are a different band, based in Texas.

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